Hunter Unchained

Book Cover: Hunter Unchained
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When Kira Tremaine’s brother is abducted by the ruthless owner of the deadly fight arenas she will do anything to get him back—even if it means risking her life to rescue a Tarron hunter. She knows her family’s unlawful reputation isn’t going to score her any points with the quadrant law enforcer, but she can’t leave him behind—not once she discovers the handsome male with mesmerizing golden eyes is slated for a gruesome death.

Larn Sarek would rather decide his own fate than suffer an eventual death in the arenas. His plans to provoke a guard and end his life with honor are thwarted when the exotic and enticing female who tends his wounds offers him a chance to escape.

Now his greatest challenge will be keeping her out of trouble, and away from danger, long enough to convince her that she is his true mate.


Where is he? Desperation and dread, Kira’s recent companions, clung to her tightly as she crept along the ship’s dimly lit and confining passageway. This level, the one housing the captain’s quarters and the cabins of a few select crew members, was the only place she hadn’t searched for Ross.

For the millionth time in the last few days, she cursed her older brother for his adventurous tendencies and for getting them into this mess. In the same breath, she prayed he was alive, then promised herself as soon as he was safe, she was going to kick the shit out of him.

The unexpected pounding of heavy footsteps against metal reminded her she was somewhere she shouldn’t be. Panic pulsed through her, and she froze. Since there was no one ahead of her, the noise had to be coming from the adjoining walkway located a little farther ahead on her right. Voices that started out as loud rumblings became clearer.


“Do you think your niece is going to hand over control of the Desna that easily?” Bannon’s gritty voice echoed through the corridor.

Shit, shit, shit. She thought for sure her uncle’s second-in-command would be attending the practice scrimmage for the new prisoners. Otherwise, she never would have risked venturing to this level. Hell, she wouldn’t have risked venturing onto the ship in the first place if she’d known it belonged to Harris Tremaine, her father’s estranged brother. She hadn’t seen the bastard in years and wasn’t surprised to learn he was behind her brother’s abduction.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t learned that important bit of information until it was too late and the Slayer had already launched. She’d been confident that even if their paths crossed, he wouldn’t recognize her. Even so, she’d done her best to keep a low profile and avoid both men as much as possible.

She couldn’t let either of them find her nosing around this part of the ship. If they did, her cover would be blown and any chance of rescuing Ross along with it. Glancing behind her, she noted the distance to the nearest lift leading to one of the lower levels. Too far to reach without being seen.

There weren’t many places to hide in this area of the stolen and modified space freighter. The freighter Harris used to transport the men he abducted and forced to battle in his arenas. He arrogantly flaunted his sadistic reputation in the new name he’d chosen for the vessel. Many of the men he brought onboard lost their lives in the brutal bloodbaths he called fights. She shivered, forcing away the recent memory of watching one of those casualties being carelessly tossed out an airlock.

Moving quickly, she pressed her back against the cold surface of the nearest wall, making herself as small as possible in the narrow space created by one of the arched support beams. Since they hadn’t found her yet and she no longer heard footsteps, Kira assumed they must have stopped where the two passageways intersected.

“She will if she believes it’s the only way to save her brother’s life,” replied another male’s harsh voice. By what she’d gleaned from the conversation, the voice had to belong to her uncle.

She gave Bannon points for intelligence. There was no way she was going to hand over her family’s ship for Ross. She loved her brother and would do anything for him, but she wasn’t stupid enough to believe they’d let either one of them, or the crew, live afterward.

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This is the third in Nola Robertson's paranormal series: Tarron Hunters. If you love books by Laurann Dohner, Evangeline Anderson, or Kresley Cole, you will adore Nola Robertson and her Tarron Hunters. An exciting, sexy, romantic, off-world escapade in a universe richly detailed. Hunter Unchained (Tarron Hunters Book 3). -- Amazon