Deadly Demon Fire

Book Cover: Deadly Demon Fire
Editions:Ebook & Paperback
Pages: 88

Working with Alex’s family is hard on a good day. Then add being magically challenged and the only St. Claire without a private investigator’s license and life is downright difficult. When the Wicks Hollow coven hires her uncle’s firm to investigate the mysterious disappearance of three witches, she is determined to solve the case—and she isn’t going to let the lack of a license or an interfering and gorgeous wolf shifter get in her way.

Ex-cop and shifter Mason Connor believes taking the job at St. Claire’s Investigations is his last chance for redemption. He’s still dealing with the guilt over his partner’s death, and the last thing he wants is the responsibility of protecting his new boss’s spirited and sexy niece.


Alex St. Claire crept along the empty hallway. Her heart pounded a rapid beat against her chest. She figured she had twenty minutes to get in and out of the administration building before campus security arrived to lock the main doors for the night.

She knelt on the hard floor tiles outside Dean Brandt’s office. She unzipped her backpack and pulled out the pick set she’d borrowed from Aidan. After five frustrating minutes, the lock still hadn’t budged.

She sat back on her legs, shifting the weight off her aching knees. She’d watched her brother manipulate the tools hundreds of times. He’d made it appear easy. So why couldn’t she get the darn things to work? One more try, and then she’d resort to magic. She dreaded using her powers. Even on a good day, her abilities backfired and got her into trouble.

She leaned forward, twisted the picks in a different direction, and heard the tumbler inside the lock click. Finally.


Alex blew out a relieved breath, packed up the set, and opened the door. Once inside, she pulled out her cell phone. She called her best friend, who was waiting outside, acting as a lookout. “Paige, are you there? I made it into the office.” She kept her voice low, barely above a whisper.

“Yes, but I still think this is a terrible idea,” Paige uttered with a nervous quiver. “Your uncle is going to kill us.”

“Drake’s not going to kill us.” Alex took a seat at the desk and started the computer. Once the screen lit up, she inserted a miniature drive into the USB port.

“Yes, he will. He’s a good detective, and he’ll find out you hacked the dean’s computer to access the coven’s database.”

“Hacking sounds so harsh. I prefer borrowing. Besides, he’s not going to find out.”

Paige was right about one thing. Drake St. Claire was a powerful witch and a damned good detective. The Wicks Hollow coven hired his company, St. Claire Investigations, to find three witches who’d disappeared from campus—the main reason she wanted to use the dean’s database.

Reviews:Jack Magnus on Reader's Favorite wrote:

Deadly Demon Fire: Wicks Hollow Witches, Book 1 is a paranormal investigator mystery novella written by Nola Robertson. Alex St. Claire was determined to get a lead on the case of the three witches who had disappeared while on campus. Her uncle, whose St. Clair Investigations agency had been hired by The Wicks Hollow Coven, would be furious if he knew she had broken into the dean's office and hacked his computer to learn more about the women, but she was determined to gain his respect as a fully-fledged investigator. It was hard for her dealing with the fact that she was unable to control her elemental powers and had, for that reason, been denied admission to the coven. She did manage to slip into the dean’s office, hack the computer and get out again without causing an outcry, but now it would be a challenge for her to get to class on time and take her investigator's license test. There was a shortcut through the woods that might help her cut off a few crucial minutes, but the school had issued a warning about that shortcut ever since those women had gone missing. Still, she decided to give it a try. Uncle Drake, after all, would be furious if she missed that test. But then the humming started as she entered the center of the park, and magical energies surged through the nighttime air, and she knew she was in the presence of black magic.

Nola Robertson's paranormal investigator mystery novella, Deadly Demon Fire: Wicks Hollow Witches, Book 1, follows the intrepid witch whose spells go comically awry as she attempts to find the missing witches and prove herself in her uncle's eyes. Deadly Demon Fire is a treat for lovers of paranormal fiction, especially those who enjoy a bit of shifting in their characters. Alex is strong, capable and endlessly inventive -- perfect characteristics for an investigator, and her pedigree as a witch from an old family with elemental powers makes her an even better fit for the role of paranormal investigator. Mason, the ex-cop and Drake St. Clair's friend, who is seeking a change of environment from Florida, also just happens to be an alpha wolf-shifter. And yes, sparks do fly. This fast-paced, exciting and original paranormal thriller is grand fun to read. The characters are authentic, and the plot is first-rate. I'm looking forward to future installments in the Wick Hollow Witches series. Deadly Demon Fire is most highly recommended.

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This story is very well written! Thank you Nola for sharing your wonderful talent at bringing your words to life. I really enjoyed seeing Alex and Mason's first meeting grow into a beautiful love story amidst the mystery around the missing young witches. I look forward to reading the next excerpts along with any other stories you have hidden away in your mind.

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I enjoyed this book a lot. The story was kept moving at a good pace. I hate when an author takes all day to tell her story. I can't wait to start the second book, "Charmed Seduction". Great Job!!!

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Good storyline and pace. I look forward to reading the next in the series. -- Goodreads

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This is giveaway: Alex St. Claire is desperate to prove herself. Mason Conner is desperate to forget a troubled past. Witches are being killed and they are the only two who seem to be able to stop further death. They must fight not only an unseen dark force but also a growing attraction.

A great mystery, romance, and paranormal novella! Can't wait to read the rest of the series! - Goodreads