Charmed Seduction

Book Cover: Charmed Seduction
Editions:Ebook & Paperback

Thanks to a sadistic warlock’s attempt to harness demon magic, Paige Westbrooke has more power than a charmed witch can handle. Not to mention an unknown stalker who wants her newly acquired magic, and isn’t afraid to kill her to get it. If she wants to survive she’ll have to accept the help of Aidan St. Claire, the handsome and charming—very hot detective—who sets her inner witch on fire.

Aidan has had it bad for Paige for as long as he can remember. When her life is threatened and she needs a bodyguard, he makes sure he’s the one who volunteers to take the case.

Protecting the woman is easy, convincing the prickly temptress to trust him with her heart...seriously dangerous.

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Paige finally glanced over her shoulder. “They’re not here yet. I told you the last time you stopped by, I’d call you as soon as they were delivered.”

“I was in the neighborhood,” Aidan said and gave her a lopsided grin.
Like hell he was. When the bell clanged against the glass door, she’d known right away it was him. She’d been standing next to the large storefront window watching him hover in the alleyway across the street. Even frowning, the man was an intense package of handsome. He drove her wild and dominated her countless fantasies. He had for years.

She was more irritated than surprised when she’d spotted him. This was the second time he’d visited the shop in the last week. A record even for him. She suspected her mother might have hired the detective to spy on her until she returned from visiting her sister, Deirdre.


He was the reason she was sitting on the floor, picking up pieces of glass. She tossed a broken piece into the trash can a little harder than she’d meant to, and it pinged loudly against the metal.
When she’d seen him cross the street and head toward the shop, she’d panicked. She didn’t want to be caught spying on him and had jumped backward. Her elbow caught the display near the door and knocked several bottles of lavender oil onto the floor.

With her mother up the coast in Bangor, awaiting the delivery of her grandchild, she’d been left on her own to run the shop. Time she desperately needed to deal with her problem. Because of the kidnapping incident, it had taken all of her convincing skills to persuade her overprotective parent to spend a week, or even two, with her sibling.

Unlike Paige, her baby sister had found the perfect guy right after high school. They’d gotten married and were now expecting their first child. She was happy for Deirdre. She just needed a break from her mother’s periodic reminders—a twenty-six-year-old woman should be in a long-term relationship, if not already married.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t date, she did. She’d even had what she’d rate a serious relationship during the four years she’d attended Kochran College to obtain a business degree. The relationship had lasted almost six months, a record for her.

Maybe her failure to commit stemmed from wanting and waiting for the one guy she knew she could never have. The one standing behind her. The one whose chestnut-colored eyes held her with an intense gaze.