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On Tarron, an unexpected surprise can change a person’s world.

Hunter Lyna Moore is untrusting by nature, doesn’t leave anything to chance and takes all the necessary precautions, especially when it comes to men. So how is it possible she’s pregnant after one mind-blowing sexual encounter with the male who captured her heart the minute she stepped foot on the planet? To make matters worse, the father has no idea he’s going to be a daddy and has been avoiding her ever since their—ahem—joining.

Dathan Sorak knows it will take more than informing Lyna that she is his destined mate for her to agree to his claiming. After months of planning, coaxing, and finally winning her trust, he makes his move only to have it destroyed when a threat from his past endangers her life. In order to keep her safe, he is forced to keep their connection a secret and keep her at a distance. A task made more difficult by the primal instincts driving him to bond with her and pushing him toward the edge of insanity.

His resolve to stay away from Lyna changes when he discovers she plans to leave Tarron…to leave him. Dangerous or not, he refuses to lose her and will do whatever it takes to protect and claim what destiny has proclaimed belongs to him.